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USFA Member Aaron Smith, School Nutrition Director in Seattle Public Schools wins K-12 segment Silver Plate Award from IFMA. Aaron also serves on the USFA Board of Directors. Congratulations Aaron!

Meet Abigail Acheampomaa

Lora Gilbert, Board Member

Administrative Assistant

Abigail Acheampomaa, BS, is a dynamic professional with years of experience as an executive/administrative assistant, demonstrating exceptional organizational and managerial skills. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a concentration in product and brand management from Virginia Commonwealth University. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for efficiency, Abigail adeptly supports executives and teams, ensuring smooth operations and effective communication. Her strategic mindset and dedication to excellence make her a valuable asset in any administrative role. Outside of work, Abigail enjoys indulging her creativity, whether it’s through crafting, cooking, or finding new DIY projects. She also cherishes spending time with family and friends, always ready to lend a helping hand wherever she can.

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