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USFA Member Aaron Smith, School Nutrition Director in Seattle Public Schools wins K-12 segment Silver Plate Award from IFMA. Aaron also serves on the USFA Board of Directors. Congratulations Aaron!

Meet Jill Kidd, MS, RD, SNS

Lora Gilbert, Board Member

USFA Director of Procurement and Business Innovation Initiatives

Jill Kidd leads the strategy and action plan for procurement and innovation workstreams. Jill facilitates the collaboration of research, various committees, industry and data experts to change school food procurement, and develop new standards for items used throughout the school food environment to increase healthier, more sustainable products in school meals.

Prior to joining USFA Jill was Director of Nutrition Services for Pueblo District 60 in Colorado. She is a respected leader in school food procurement, she co-founded the CCSTAR cooperative where she served as the administrator for 16 years. Jill served on the SNA Procurement Task Force and was a subject matter expert for the SNS Exam and ACDA certification courses. During her tenure in Pueblo 60 Jill was an innovator in classroom breakfast programs, and school nutrition hubs, combining USDA child nutrition programs and community hunger programs to provide a nutrition safety net for children.

Jill was recognized in 2015 by the School Nutrition Foundation as a School Nutrition Hero. She is the Past President of the Colorado School Nutrition Association and served as a member of the School Nutrition Association Board of Directors as Secretary Treasurer in 2018-2020, and 2013-2015 as Research Chair. Jill is the Past President of Colorado ASBO and a member of the Pueblo Food Project.


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