KCRG: School lunches become the newest product facing a shortage during the pandemic

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Food for school lunches has become the newest item facing shortages after supply chain issues related to the pandemic. The shortage is affecting schools across the country, along with schools in eastern Iowa like the Anamosa Community School District.

In Anamosa, students will still have enough food to eat in the cafeteria. But, the previously made menu might suddenly change. For example, melon cups might become apple slices. However, some schools across the country are facing not having enough food.

Dr. Katie Wilson, who is the executive director for the Urban School Food Alliance, said the cause for the shortage are schools aren’t the priority when the supply is squeezed since schools pay the lowest amount possible for food through a bidding process. She said this results in contractors canceling contracts…

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