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Prism: Families call for universal free lunch as Congress extends meal program through the summer

Five days before COVID-19 nutrition waivers were set to expire, President Joe Biden signed the...

Smerconish: We Must Preserve the Food Security Safety Net in Our Schools

School meal programs have prevented children from hunger and malnutrition for decades. Available...

NewsNation: Federal free school meal waivers set to expire June 30

On July 1, the universal free school lunch will be no more. The federal pandemic-era waivers that...

Bloomberg Law: Hunger ‘Cliff’ Looms as Pandemic School-Lunch Aid Is Running Out

Schools and child-feeding sites are bracing for rising costs and supply disruptions as federal...
HuffPost: School Lunch Programs Are Rapidly Going Broke

HuffPost: School Lunch Programs Are Rapidly Going Broke

In communities around the country, schools may be the only institutions making sure that hungry children and their families are fed. They’ve opened grab-and-go lunch stations and started delivering meals to neighborhoods by bus. But some programs are also going broke,...

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